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List of Cricket Equipment Arm Guards. Chest Guards. Bails. Balls. Bats. Boundaries. Caps. Helmets. Shoes. Sight Screens. Stumps. Elbow Guards. Jockstraps. Leg Pads. Thigh Guards. Water Bottles. Wicket Keeper Gloves. What equipment is used to play cricket? When playing cricket, there ...

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List of Equipments Used In Cricket. Cricket Bat. A bat is used by batsmen to play different shots in cricket. It is made of wood and it has a handle on top. Varieties of cricket bats are ... Tennis Bat. Cricket Ball. Cricket Helmet. Gloves For Wicket Keeper.

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Complete List of Cricket Equipments #1. Cricket Bat. One of the most important cricket equipments used by a batsman, a cricket bat is a wooden piece of... #2. Cricket Ball. One of the two important cricket equipments in the game, a cricket ball is used by the bowlers to get... #3. Wicket. In ...

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A Definitive List of Equipment Used in the Game of Cricket Boundary: . A rope which demarcates the perimeter of the field is known as boundary line. This is marked by a thick... Sight Screen: . It is the screen outside the boundary, exactly perpendicular to the width of the pitch and behind both... ...

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The front portion of the pads is very hard as there is hard plastic or wood sticks beneath. The rear portion is spongy and soft to soothe and comfort legs. Keeper pads are little shorter than batsman pads. Helmet − A head gear for the batsman/keeper while batting or wicket-keeping behind the stumps.

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Here's a checklist for you to be sure that you've got it all ready. 1. Cricket equipment for leisure. You literally just need two things to begin the game: BAT - Plastic bats/ Poplar / Poplar Willow. BALL - Any softball- mostly soft tennis ball / Hard Tennis ball. ‍.

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Therefore, as a cricket club you should consider the below cricket items essential: Cricket Stumps Cricket Scoreboard Cricket Balls (new & spare) Umpire's Coat/Ball Counter Cricket Bails Boundary ropes or flags Cricket Scorebook

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2. Cricket Bat. Bat and ball are the backbones of the game. The most important item in the cricket kit is the bat which rains sixes and fours on the field. It is very important to choose a bat that can be played easily and will not cause any discomfort to the hand while hitting the ball.